Basic mountain safety course

Very few people are unmoved by bright and colorful pictures of mountains, fluffy snow, forests of fir trees, steep rocky steeps and…yes! A skier riding deftly and beautifully, cutting the soft slopes with perfect technique. Snowflakes flying in all directions, a feeling of flight, a sense of freedom, a sensation of a real happiness. The kind of euphoria that you can only get through being connected with the breathtaking greatness of nature. But not everyone who sees all this beauty pauses to think about all the threats that the mountains carry along with them.

Safety while ascending and descending is the first and most important requirement for skiing in our mountains. An avalanche, even a small one, can cause injuries or death; the main goal of our course is therefore to teach you to ride safely, to judge the degree of avalanche danger on any given slope, and to analyze the stability of the snowpack in order to minimize your risk of triggering an avalanche.

The programme:

1. Understanding the basic rules of skiing off piste: how to work as a group, rules for moving on the hill, analysis of typical rider errors, etc.
2. An introduction to using avalanche equipment. Practical lessons on the use of avalanche equipment in the field. Training in search skills to rescue avalanche victims.
3. Navigating on avalanche-prone slopes. Mastering the theoretical principles of avalanche formation. Conducting analysis of the snow cover (snowfall types, snowpack structure and behavior of different types of snow layer).
4. Developing a system for riding safely: tracking changes in weather conditions, establishing general tactics, route planning, understanding the avalanche forecast, assessing slopes, developing plans and strategies, etc.
5. Developing practical skills to help you choose the safest line of descent on backcountry slopes. Learning to make logical, well-informed decisions.

Day 1:
On the mountain: Warm-up on the piste. Introduction to the rules of riding in a group.
Off the mountain: Lecture on the use of avalanche safety equipment.

Day 2:
On the mountain: Practical training in the use of avalanche equipment (beeper, shovel, probe). Assessing the condition of the snowpack.
Off the mountain: Lecture about avalanches, types of avalanches, the most likely trigger points.

 Day 3:
On the mountain: Skiing off piste. Determining which slopes have the potential for avalanches. Learning to predict possible avalanche paths and choosing the safest lines down the mountain.
Off the mountain: Lecture on how to avoid dangerous situations when riding off piste and how to behave when an emergency occurs.
 Day 4:
On the slope: Skiing off piste. Mastering the skill of choosing the safest lines down the mountain.

Programme cost:

Programme cost includes:
Services of a professional guide and instructor, transfer from Almaty to the resort, accommodation, breakfast in the hostel, sauna, and avalanche equipment rental (beeper, shovel, probe). Participants will need to purchase their own lift tickets.

Programme duration:
4 days

Detailed information on available dates and conditions of the programs can be found in the calendar.
Our team is flexible and always ready to create a special program upon your request, choosing the most convenient dates for you.

Location of the program:
Shymbulak Mountain Resort. Accommodation is in 4-bed and 6-bed rooms of the hostel located on the ground floor of the Shymbulak Resort Hotel. There are cafes, fast food outlets and restaurants at the resort where you can have a snack at any time during the day and enjoy a delicious lunch and evening meal.

Number of participants:

You will need:
– Snowboard/ downhill skis (suitable for freeride);
– Backpack;
– Helmet;
– Warm clothes (waterproof outer shell, fleece, down jacket in case of cold weather);
– Goggles (ideally with lenses for bright and flat light);
– Sunscreen.


Program Instructor – Sergey Brodskiy

Professional mountain guide and avalanche safety expert with over 20 years of experience in Kazakhstan and internationally.
Member of the Kazakhstan mountaineering team.
Certified avalanche expert (Snow Control GMBH, Innsbruck, Austria).
FMGA-qualified mountain guide.