What is ski touring? It’s much more than just a sport or activity; it’s a way of reconnecting with nature and finding your own path into the wilds.

Relying on your knowledge and experience, together with your mates and landscape, what can be better?

It could be considered as not the easiest winter activity to start with, but nothing to worry about, here we are to walk you through the process of ski touring as a beginner.

If you’re looking for new opportunities to see the mountains from a different perspective then ski touring could be a way for you to fulfill your wishes this winter. With ski touring you can finally forget about endless ski lift lines and prepared slopes — touring opens up new territories for you to play with. What can be better on pow day than heading off to the backcountry and earning your turns while tracking fresh snow up in the mountains?

Things to consider before going on your first ski tour adventure.

Preplanning your ski touring experience

It’s a huge part of the upcoming journey.

Lighting up your friends, mental preparations, and packing are all part of the fun if you do it properly.

Ski Touring trips involve so many “moving” parts and it’s not just unpredictable weather we are talking about. So it’s really necessary to make proper preparations in advance.

In nearly all cases, one single element lays the foundation for all our screw ups: we think we know what we are doing in an environment where “knowing” borders on the impossible.Bruce Kay

When the backcountry finally fills in, you want to be ready, mentally and physically.

You need to stay Fit and Healthy.

Keep it fun!

I can recommend Scott Johnston and Steve House’s book Training for the New Alpinism if you are looking for ways to improve.

Ski lessons

There is always a space to grow your skiing abilities. A really pro ski instructor can quickly find your weak spots and ways for improvement. These are the sorts of pre-season investments you can make that will grow your skills in the upcoming season.

Get your equipment ready

Any backcountry rider has to be a bit of a gear geek.

From the latest smartphone GPS app to lighter, more functional bindings, more modern technologies make your touring more fun and safe.

Gear is great, but skills rules

Apart from just having nice and latest gear, you also have to be fluent with all of it. Know your system in order not to get stacked in the dark with cold fingers trying to figure out how it works when it really matters.

Why hire a ski touring guide for backcountry skiing?

Ski the best off-piste runs.

Mountains are technically our second home as ski guides. Even if you have navigation skills and some impression about the region, a ski guide can really walk you through and help to find hidden gems, and do the best turns on untracked snow. Local knowledge = power.

Stay safe.

You will never be absolutely safe in the mountains. But with the certified mountain guide, you will maximize your safety which makes it really the best decision you can make. We carefully analyze weather, and avalanche conditions and manage other risks on a daily basis. The point is to be sure that you will have a perfect ski adventure but still return home safe and sound.

Improve your mountaineering skills

You will really learn a lot while ski touring with an experienced mountain guide and listening to his/her safety tips and touring gear hacks and essentials. You can also directly interact with your guide and ask him any questions that will come to your mind. And for sure it will be helpful in your upcoming trips. During a warm cozy evening in the hut, a guide can also show you rescue techniques, avalanche safety tips, and any other useful  knowledge to play with in the future.

Improve your freeride skiing technique

Mountain guides are in general excellent freeride skiers, so you will have a great opportunity to learn in the fields from the best.

If all these thoughts about backcountry skiing and snowboarding have got you all excited, get in touch with us and we will help you to plan the perfect guided ski touring trip. We’re also here to answer any ski touring-related questions you may have – we’d love to help!