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About FrozenRocks freeride school

  Our aim is to make your backcountry adventures safer, more technically accomplished and more interesting.

We offer programmes to teach you avalanche safety, ski tour and freeride techniques, and basic alpine skills. All our programmes include practical elements as well as study of the theory.

When we’re not running educational programmes we’re pretty much always in the backcountry ourselves! We’re always able to offer you a guide for anything from a gentle walk in the mountains to the most gnarly ski alpinism routes.

A bit about us

We’re a team of people living in Almaty who love mountains, snow and freeride. As far as we know, FrozenRocks is the first public freeride school in Kazakhstan. Our mission is to develop Almaty’s freeride and backcountry scene, and help riders in our mountains, the Zailiisky Alatau, ride better and more safely. We’re here to pass on our experience and help you hit the biggest, baddest lines in our mountains!


We’re lucky enough to live in a unique spot at the foot of the northern Tien Shan. However, in addition to providing almost unlimited opportunities for backcountry enthusiasts, our region also boasts climactic conditions which are ideal for avalanches. This part of the Tien Shan range has an unstable continental climate, and the altitude of the mountain ranges and changing relief affect the moisture and warmth that reaches us. The formation of a stable snowpack is further hampered by frequent changes in temperature, precipitation, and wind speed and direction. As a result, the base layer that’s formed is unstable and heavily layered – and by the end of the winter, covered with many more layers of snowfall of varying depth. Safety is therefore paramount when riding in our mountains – both on the way up and the way down.

We like to think freeride is a philosophical activity – it brings a special kind of freedom. We want you to share this freedom with us, to feel the energy, adrenaline and thrill that riding virgin slopes in the company of like-minded people can bring!

Prepare yourself – it’s going to get hot!

Educational programmes

Avalanche safety, skitouring techniques, freeride theory, and more

Freeride Programmes

Intensive training to help you perfect your freeriding skills

Guided tours

Experienced local guides who can show you all the best routes and shredding spots

Freeride camps

Backcountry camps lasting 4-7 days in the mountains around Almaty

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