A unique backcountry tour in the Tuyuk Su valley, ascending and riding down 4,000m peaks and glaciers.

Time window: mid-April to mid-June.

* We can organise custom trips on dates to suit you – please contact us for more details and to agree dates.

Minimum group size: three people.

Our seven-day Ski Tuyuk Su programme offers the chance to explore the Zailiiskiy Alatau, including 4,000m peaks, in the company of an experienced guide. We’ll explore some of the region’s most photogenic areas at a time when most people have already packed up their skis and snowboards and are preparing for the summer!

!!! To take part in this programme you will need to be an experienced skier or snowboarder (with off piste / backcountry experience) in good physical shape (there will be a lot of uphill involved!).

$550 per person ($500 per person for groups of five people or more).
Programme duration:
7 days

Cost includes:
Guide, transfer from Almaty to Shymbulak (and if conditions allow to Manzhylki), accommodation at the Tuyuk Su research station (3,450m), catering (we buy the food, everyone helps out with the cooking), avalanche equipment rental (beeper, shovel, probe) if needed.
Guide: Sergei Brodsky, Oleg Shkutin

Day 1. Meet in Almaty, transfer to the Tuyuk Su camp (2,300m).
Day 2. Ascent (on foot or skis) to the Tuyuk Su research station (3,450m). Downtime, with an option to ski tour in the immediate area.
Day 3-7. Freeride from 4,000m peaks, including Peak Molodezhny (4,150m), Tuyuk Su ridge (4,100m), Peak Lokomotiv (4,200m), Peak Ordzhonikidze (4,050m), Peak Pogrebetskovo (4,220m).
The choice of lines will depend on weather and snow conditions, as well as the group’s level of experience and physical fitness.
Day 7: Descent (on skis / snowboard) to the Manzhylki weather station, then on foot to Shymbulak. If snow conditions allow, transfer direct from Manzhylki / Shymbulak to Almaty – otherwise, we’ll take the gondola lift.

What to bring:
1. Beeper
2. Avalanche probe
3. Avalanche shovel
4. Ski / alpine crampons
5. Helmet

1. Skis / snowboard / snowshoes
2. Ski boots / snowboard boots
3. Ski / splitboard poles
4. Goggles
5. Climbing skins

Clothing and accessories:
1. Rucksack
2. Sleeping bag
3. Torch (with spare batteries)
4. Medical kit
5. Down jacket / vest
6. Waterproof shell (jacket and trousers)
7. Ski gloves
8. Thermal underwear
9. Fleece / midlayer
10. Thinner gloves for ascending / wearing at base camp
11. Balaclava
12. Hat
13. Skiing / trekking socks
14. Regular socks
15. Thermos
16. Suncream
17. Sunglasses