‘Cosmic’ freeride adventures in the area around the legendary ‘Kosmostantsiya’ research station above the Big Almaty Lake. We’ll ride the couloirs around the Almaty-Alagir range, staying in comfortable conditions in a heated mountain hut in the research station itself.
* We’re happy to organise the programme on dates to suit your group – please contact us for more information. The best months for this programme are April and May.

This region is unique for the number of interesting lines it offers – but also for the chance to live in and observe the work of a functioning research station. The high altitude Kosmostantsiya station is located on the Zhusaly-Kezen pass at an altitude of 3,350m. The scientific work carried out here is linked to the study of cosmic particles.

This programme is designed for skiers / snowboarders who are confident on the piste (including black runs), ideally have some previous experience of riding off piste, and are in good physical shape. You won’t need to have any previous experience of rock climbing or mountaineering.

Best months:
April and May

€450 per person (for groups of 4 people)

Cost includes:
Guide, return transfer from Almaty to the Kosmostantsiya research station, accommodation in a heated mountain hut on the territory of the station, full board, avalanche equipment rental (beacon, shovel, probe).
Your guide: Sergey Brodskiy

Day 1. Early start in Almaty and transfer to the Kosmostantsiya research station via Big Almaty Lake at 2,500m. Ski tour ascent of Peak Tourist (3,950m). Peak Tourist is located south of Peak Big Almaty – we’ll start our ascent from the Zhusaly-Kezen pass at 3,350m. The ascent is easy but nonetheless interesting: from the higher slopes you’ll have fantastic views of Almaty and of the surrounding summits (which include Peak Sovetov, Peak Karnizniy, Peak Ozerny, and Peak Turan).
Day 2. We’ll ride the western couloirs to the right of the old drag lift at Kosmostantsiya. An ascent to the ridge will offer a range of different descents through different couloirs, all of which will return us to our starting point.
Day 3. We’ll either descend from the ridge above the northern glacier of Peak Tourist or return to the couloirs around the Kosmostantsiya.
Day 4. Ski-tour ascent and descent from Peak Turan (3,970m). Transfer to the nearby astronomical observatory (another unique scientific centre located in the valley above the Big Almaty Lake). We’ll ascend Peak Turan via the Tourist Pass. The descent will bring us to the security post on the road between Big Almaty Lake and the Kosmostantsiya research station, from where we’ll transfer back to Almaty.
More info here: https://frozenrocks.kz/pik-turan-fanovyiy-frirayd/
Peak Turan is situated to the East of Peak Tourist, and its western ridge leads to Peak Karnizniy (4,075m). From the summit of Peak Turan you’ll have views of many of the highest summits in the region, including Peak Sovetov, Peak Almaty-Alagir, Peak Molodaya Gvardiya, and others.

Days 5-6 (optional). We’re happy to organise a 1-day tour to Shymbulak (the main ski resorts in Almaty region)  / a sightseeing tour in Almaty (visiting the most popular attractions of the city) / a sightseeing tour in Almaty region (visiting the best nature spots around Almaty such as Charyn canyon, Turgen waterfalls etc).

What to bring:
1. Beeper
2. Avalanche probe
3. Avalanche shovel
4. Ski / alpine crampons
5. Helmet

1. Skis / snowboard / snowshoes
2. Ski boots / snowboard boots
3. Ski / splitboard poles
4. Goggles
5. Climbing skins

Clothing and accessories:
1. Rucksack
2. Sleeping bag
3. Torch (with spare batteries)
4. Medical kit
5. Down jacket / vest
6. Waterproof shell (jacket and trousers)
7. Ski gloves
8. Thermal underwear
9. Fleece / midlayer
10. Thinner gloves for ascending / wearing at base camp
11. Balaclava
12. Hat
13. Skiing / trekking socks
14. Regular socks
15. Thermos
16. Suncream
17. Sunglasses